001 — Track Ready Apparel / by Christopher Morben

Isle of Wild, for much of 2014 was merely an idea. And at most, it was a short run of posters inspired by my passion for motorsports. In 2015, the idea of Isle of Wild has truly begun to solidify — not only conceptually, but as tangible assets as well. Let me explain those two very different, but entirely symbiotic things.

I love motorsports. I breathe it, and do everything I can to surround myself with it. I visit Autosport.com, Joe Saward's blog, the Trackside Forums, and /r/formula1 and /r/indycar on a daily basis. I schedule my weekends around watching qualifying and races of Indycar and Formula 1. The Indianapolis 500 is my Christmas, and the Long Beach Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Sonoma are my home races. I cried when Dan Wheldon died. I adore everything Dan Gurney and All-American Racers. I'm a fanatic. So when I say this is a passion, it's more of an obsession and problem for me, socially.

As a creative professional, I've always had an eye toward turning my skills toward the world of racing. If there was a means for me to get my foot into the door, I explored it. I emailed Randy Bernard (then CEO of Indycar) when he opened the Los Angeles-based Indycar "West Coast" office. But nothing ever quite felt right until I started realizing two things:

i. Motorcycles and motorcycle culture are so prevalent today — especially in my city of San Francisco, CA; 

ii. I can't find a single brand, label, or clothing line that caters to motorsports and racing enthusiasts that has any sort of refinement or general sexiness. What you typically find are pieces either sold by teams or manufacturers that are low-quality and tacky, or pieces made by enthusiasts that are low-quality and tacky. Everything has a checkered flag on it, or metalic text, or flames shooting in every which direction.

Isle of Wild changes that.

Isle of Wild isn't fashion, or motorsports — but fashion with a motorsports twist, and motorsports with a splash of fashion. I want Isle of Wild to be where you – as a racing enthusiast – can come check out a sexy car, dress yourself from head to toe in sophisticated, high-quality clothing, and be around racing nuts just like you. When you go to a track day and you see someone pull their helmet out of a well-crafted leather bag, and you ask them where they got that, I want the answer to be Isle of Wild. When you see your favorite driver in a locally sourced and made shirt with your favorite track name on the front, I want it to be from Isle of Wild. And down the road, when you find your favorite young driver in the Pro Mazda Series racing around Iowa Speedway, I want you to see Isle of Wild on the side pods and wings.

This is the first post of many, and it's my goal to provide the clearest window into what I'm going to do to make this all real. And if that means showing the hiccups, road bumps, and stumbling blocks along the way, so be it. But as a member of the racing community, I want to share this journey with you. So consider this part 1 of many as we start to really light this candle.

Christopher M.